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Who We Are

store logo The Durham Rescue Mission owns and operates the Rescued Treasures Thrift Shoppe. Rescued Treasures is a non-profit store that turns items you donate into profits that benefit the Durham community. Rescued Treasures includes staff and residents of the Mission, as well as volunteers and employees from the Durham community. All proceeds from Rescued Treasures benefit the Mission.

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What We Do

man eating We sell clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, computers, household items, toys, vehicles, odds and ends. All items we sell are donations from the Durham community and well wishers. We also provide volunteer opportunities for people willing to serve the community. In addition, we provide a biblical and structured environment for individuals who have accrued community service hours. We provide vocational and spiritual benefits for residents of the Durham Rescue Mission.

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Our Mission

volunteers Providing you with the best thrifting experience is our goal. Making a difference in the Durham community by creating value for customers, and opportunities for volunteering, service and employment is our commitment. Mending the lives of people via the Durham Rescue Mission is our Mission.

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