rescued Treasures

Let nothing go to waste! In our green conscious environment the Rescued Treasures will reuse or recyle most things you no longer need. We can make use of your clothes, shoes, furniture, electronics, computers, vehicles, household items, paintings, decorations, odds and ends. In fact, Rescued Treasures and the Durham Rescue Mission survive exclusively on your generous donations. You help mend broken lives. Thank you for your kindness. You can continue to support Rescued Treasures and the Durham Rescue Mission via the following ways.

Donate Online

Homeless and afflicted men, women and children need your help. With a credit card, or paypal account, you can give them a reason to hope again. Donating online is fast, easy, safe and convenient. Your generousity provides rehabilitation, spiritual counselling and vocational opportunities for the needy. Click on the "Donate" button to begin your contribution.

Donate By Mail

You can also rescue a life by writing a check to the Durham Rescue Mission. You can mail the check to the following address.

Durham Rescue Mission Donations
PO Box 11368
Durham, NC 27703

Your kindness goes directly to feeding, clothing and sheltering men, women and children at the Durham Rescue Mission and the Good Samarithan Inn.

Visit: Good Samarithan Inn

Donate Gifts

If you have items in good condition, you can donate them to Rescued Treasures. Items accepted include furniture, clothes, knick knacks, electronics, accessories, jewelry. Items in good condition or of value will not be turned down. You can drop of your items at the following address

Rescued Treasures Thrift Shoppe
3220 Hwy55 Durham, NC 27713, USA

If you live within the Durham area, Rescued Treasures will pickup heavy or large item you wish to donate. Call the following number to schedule an appointment.

(919) 484-9014

Visit: Schedule a Pickup

Donate Your Time

You can contribute to the welfare of a homeless man, woman, or child by volunteering at Rescued Treasures. If you have community service hours to complete, consider serving them at the Rescued Treasures. Rescued Treasures provides you with a friendly, spiritual and professional environment to work in. Rescued Treasures welcomes your with open arms.

Visit: Volunteer Opportunities